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Recipe Roundup


Ada here. I'm just returning from a weekend bachelorette party where my friends showered me with love, Mardi Gras magic, very dirty martinis, and delicious Louisiana-inspired food, including big cold trays of Murder Point oysters. My heart, and belly, are full. I'll keep it short this week.

My friend Haley is a big fan of cooking Youtube and is constantly referencing recipe videos featuring her favorite personalities. I love having friends who are as interested as I am in cooking so we can swap recipe sources. Though I work in farm and food media, I have to admit that I'm not always hip to the latest video trends. Thank goodness for Haley for keeping me on time. After a weekend surrounded by ladies, I thought I'd keep the theme going and highlight some of the amazing women stars on Youtube/the Internet/the cutting edge of food pop culture. This week's roundup will pretty much exclusively feature these badass creators. The women below are at the tippy-top in terms of popularity, and for good reason. Their videos are smart, charming, informative, creative, and the food delicious. I'm not actually sure if this style of food media is for everyone.. but it certainly is entertaining to me. And I know there are more women out there. Do yo have a favorite? Happy cooking!

First up, Carla Lalli Music - a chef whose career took off once she started making videos for Bon Appetit (Like many of the stars below, she's since left the org). She's also published two cookbooks which I desperately need for my collection. I turned to Carla's content to see what videos she might have that could make use of Becky's beautiful vegetables.

  • Here is Carla making Pasta e Fagioli - an Italian peasant dish featuring beans, CARROTS, KALE, and lots of Parmesan. The perfect, easy pot for a winter storm and Vrdnt veggies.

  • Another Carla video with seared SWEET POTATOES and KALE and lime pickle.

  • Spaghetti with Cauliflower Sauce.

  • Thanksgiving Stovetop Sides. I know Thanksgiving has long come and gone, but these sides featuring BRASICAS, CARROTS, and LETTUCES are a perfect CSA solution.

  • Green-estrone - the perfect soup for all your greens (plus potatoes).

Sohla El-Waylly is another star who describes herself as a "creator, writer, community advocate, and dog person."

Allison Roman has two cookbooks and a well-established persona as Brooklyn's cool, chill, chef. I do love her recipes for their deliciousness and simplicity. Her new-ish youtube channel, Home Movies, features videos of her cooking recipes from the books.