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Late Night Veggie Snacks

Chances are, if you’re a CSA member, you like to cook. And if you like to cook, your house could maybe be described as an ingredient household, versus a snacky one. But sometimes, you just want a SNACK. Especially late in the evening, when dinner is a distant memory and you just need a little sumpin sumpin.

Let’s snack, winter edition:

Carrot Hummus by Mackenzie Smith Kelley
Carrot Hummus by Mackenzie Smith Kelley


You get the chips or crackers, then make a big batch of veggie-centric dip. Or, reverse the equation. Buy a vat of hummus, and use your VRDNT veggies as shovels. For easy snacking, pre-peel carrots, separate romaine leaves, and slice radishes. 


There are those among you who I like to call pickle-people. Your favorite chips are salt and vinegar, you love all things pickley, and you lean more toward mustard than mayo. I first learned about pickle people when roomign in college with my friend Megan whose taste buds were notably more sour than mine. For all the pickle people out there, a jar of pickled veggies may be the only snack you need. 

Air Fryer/Dehydrator/Oven Things: 


One of my favorite snacks, sometimes assembled without ever closing the fridge door, is a sturdy leaf, piled with deli meat, a slice of cheese, and creamy condiments like ranch or mayonnaise. Romaine is the obvious choice here, but kale, collards, cabbage, or any head lettuce would work. 


While all these snacks require some significant prep/cooking, there’s no reason you can’t make veggie-centric snacks for when the sweet tooth hits. 

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