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Recipe Roundup: January 2024

Here for the recipes? Keep Scrolling! Important CSA Update:

We’re officially on a waitlist for all new signups until the spring (~mid-March). This is the first time in VRDNT’s history that we’ve had to start a waitlist, and are so appreciative of those of you who are currently CSA customers.  When the abundance of spring crops comes into full swing, we’ll be able to add more members to our CSA Program. If you’d like to secure your spot for spring, please enter your contact info this form to join the list. If you’re a current weekly subscriber (even if you’re paused) or have flexible shares that you’ve already purchased - don’t worry! This doesn’t affect you and you can schedule your shares per usual (links below). Thanks for being a dedicated farm friend; we look forward to providing you veggies throughout the rest of the winter, and into the spring which will be here before we know it. 

FLEXIBLE PICK-UP MEMBERS may still book share credits any week you choose HERE

RETURNING MEMBERS who have paused/canceled temporarily can resume their subscriptions by emailing directly.

General Farm Update

Congrats to Meghan, our long-time CSA Coordinator who is transiting roles at VRDNT and becoming our new Farm Manager. Meghan is looking forward to continuing her whole-farm learning and will now be overseeing all crop production including the seeding of greenhouse and direct seed crops, fertility and weed control, as well as harvest. But who can I talk to about my CSA shares? Meet Cassandra! Cassandra is moving into the CSA Coordinator position, and you’ll begin to hear from Cassandra soon. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your CSA… or just want to share your new favorite way to eat turnips… email Cassandra at .

As always, thanks for reading.

CSA Farm in Bastrop, Texas.

Cassandra (left) and Meghan (right).








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