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About VRDNT Farm

VRDNT Farm is a bio-intensive, female owned and operated farm growing  vegetables for Central Texans.

Owner/Operator Becky Hume spent over 10 years working on Organic and sustainable farms before taking the leap to start her own in 2019. VRDNT’s mission is simple: to nourish the land and our local community by growing  high quality, nutrient dense, super fresh veggies. 

Our Growing Practices

"Bio-intensive" means our farm system is driven by biological processes rather than chemical inputs. We focus on preventing pests and diseases by cultivating a healthy ecosystem.  All fertilizers and sprays that are used are Organic, OMRI certified products. We use no synthethetic chemicals as inputs and we do not source any GMO seeds. We encourage beneficial insects and a balanced ecosystem, we nourish the soil to grow strong resllient plants. All of this results if you getting the highest quality, clean and nutrient dense vegetables!

Read more about our growing practices on our blog HERE


Where to Get our Veggies

The main way we distribute our vegetables is through our CSA Program. 


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way of farming that restores the link between farmers and our local communities. At its most basic, the CSA can be thought of as a subscription to our farm. Each week, we curate a selection or "share" of fresh picked produce from our farm in Bastrop, TX. You can opt to get a weekly share of veggies, or schedule shares only on the weeks you want  For more info head to our CSA page HERE.


We also attend the Mueller Market weekly on Sunday’s from 10am-2pm at 2006 Philomena St, Austin, TX 78723 

More info HERE


We do sell wholesale to Farm to table, Farmhouse Delivery and the Central Texas Farmers Co-op. We do not sell to restraunts at this time.  

What does VRDNT mean?

VRDNT is pronounced: Verdant
It means "green, with rich vegetation" we strive to live up to our name sake 
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