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What is a "CSA"?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way of farming that restores the link between farmers and our local communities.

At its most basic, the CSA can be thought of as a subscription to our farm. Each week, we curate a selection or "share" of freshly picked produce from our farm in Bastrop, TX. You can opt to get a weekly share of veggies, or schedule shares only on the weeks you want (see sections below). Despite being a simple model, we believe relocalizing agriculture is a radical step towards improving our individual health and community resilience!


Choosing to cook with fresh, nutrient dense produce elevates your own health; but the benefits go further than that. Spending your dollars with local and regenerative agriculture supports the environmental and economic health of our community.


Not sure what you'll cook with all your seasonal produce? We'll keep you inspired with fresh seasonal recipes as well the inside scoop on the farm. 

Thanks for subscribing!

Flexible Pickup vs. Weekly Pickup

The Flexible Pickup Option is best for anyone who wants to be part of a CSA but may not want or need a bag of veggies every week. With this option, you buy credits that can be booked at your convenience at the BOOK FLEXIBLE PICKUPS page.


All the weekly pickup options are best for voracious veggie eaters or families who want vegetables every week. These plans automatically schedule you for a weekly pickup at the location you selected. These plans are billed weekly unless you cancel or ask us to pause your membership. 


How to Book and Edit Flexible Pickups

After signing up for a Flexible Pickup Plan you have to take one last step and schedule your shares at the BOOK FLEXIBLE PICKUPS page.


First, select your location preference, then select the date you want to pick up on.  You may book a share, or edit your booking up to 36 hours before the pickup starts. (For example, the Sour Duck pickup starts at 10 am so you can edit that booking up to 10 pm on Thursday evening).


Each share is booked separately and you will get a confirmation e-mail for each share you book. 

To edit your booking: (after you are logged in) Click on the down arrow menu icon on the top right of the screen.  Navigate to the "CSA Bundle Bookings" option on the menu. There you will see all upcoming booked shares. On the right side, there is an option to reschedule or cancel. You can do either of those on the website up to 36 hours before the pickup begins. 


Of course, if you have any issues you can always e-mail us directly 


Weekly Pickups


For new weekly signups, Thursday is the cutoff to sign up for a Saturday Pickup and Friday is the cutoff to signup for a Sunday + Monday pickup.  If you sign up for your weekly share BEFORE  Thursday/Friday you will receive your first share the following Saturday/Sunday+Monday. If you miss the cutoff, your first share will be the next week (8-9 days later)


The day before your pickup look out for an e-mail from us with pickup instructions and box contents. 

You can cancel your subscription or update your payment information at any time in the member's section. Click on the down arrow menu icon on the top right of the screen to sign in, then head to the 'Weekly CSA Subscription Section'

If you need to pause your subscription please EMAIL US directly. 



We do not offer customized vegetable bags at this time. The logistics are a bit overburdensome for us at this scale. If you would like customized produce boxes we suggest you check out our friends at Farmhoue Delivery. 

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