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10 Favorite CSA Soups for the Moment

When life gets hectic and the weather turns chilly, there's nothing quite like soup to save the day. It's the ultimate, usually one-pot, comfort food that's easy to whip up, especially when you're short on time and energy. Picture this: a warm, hearty bowl of goodness simmering on the stove while you cozy up under a blanket.

Today’s roundup focuses on our 10 favorite soup recipes of the moment that dovetail perfectly with the VRDNT produce coming out the fields. From classic chicken noodle to creamy white bean and cabbage or a spicy Thai-inspired broth, there's something for every mood and craving.

Check out our lineup and get ready to soup up your mealtime with these delicious options.

Miso soup is the perfect and easy answer to your CSA box.

This soup is supreme comfort and is hearty enough to really coat the ribs. It’s also the perfect soup to accept just about any VRDNT vegetable you have - carrots, diced daikon, celery, greens, and herbs.

From the recipe developer, Cookie & Kate “If you’ve ever experienced kale belly, which is what I like to call that glowy, life-is-good feeling that emanates from your belly after you eat a bunch of kale salad—this soup does the trick, too. Maybe it’s all the vitamin C.” Your VRDNT celery would work well in this soup, too.

Easy, nourishing, and adaptable, a version of this soup is often the answer at my house when I’ve got a head of bok choy staring me in the face. Who doesn’t love a slurpy bowl of noodles when it’s cold outside? Pair with some frozen dumplings for a full meal.

I first made this soup in college, and come back to it at least once a year, every year, since. Just thinking about this soup with its surprising golden raisin delights and deep flavors makes me warm.

I love a chicken noodle soup, especially one that is full of herbs and enough lemon to punch you in the face. This is a great recipe and one that makes a perfect home to many VRDNT veggies like herbs, kale, carrots, celery, or even sweet potatoes. Don’t skimp on the fresh dill or lemon.

There is nothing better to clear the sinus than a citrusy bowl of pozole. Luckily, hominy - a key ingredient to pozole - is easy to come by in Texas. Your winter VRDNT shares are full of radishes, cabbage, lettuce, cilantro, and green onions - all of which would be wonderful toppings to a bowl of Pozole.

“This coconut curry soup with chicken and chickpeas is so filling and satisfying, it’s hard to believe that it qualifies as health food—but we promise, it really, really does.”

Once you get the hang of throwing together a miso soup, you can have it on the table in 10 minutes, making it the perfect work-from-home lunch when you feel like you have nothing to eat. Vrdnt shares are full of winter greens - broccoli greens, the tops of your kohlrabi, kale, mustard and collards. Each of these work excellently in this quick, nourishing bowl.

Cans of white beans are constantly stocked in my winter pantry. They’re a delicious and quick source of protein that push a soup like this from good to uncious. Add some rustic hunks of bread for the ultimate bowl. No potatoes? Sub your turnips or even mild, daikon radishes.

Noodles, coconut milk, and vegetables. Is there anything more intoxicating than a bowl of Thai-inspired flavors? This specific recipe calls for sweet potatoes and bok choy, but I’m here to say that this recipe is a great formula to learn.. Substitute any VRDNT vegetable you are lucky enough to find.


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