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9 Easy Fermentation Recipes

Did you know Austin has a (free to the public) Fermentation Festival every year? Texas Farmer’s Market, the organization that runs the Lakeline and Mueller Farmers’ Markets, organizes the month-long shindig. This upcoming weekend is your last chance to catch one of the free workshops they host. The Cultured Carrot will be demoing vegetable fermentation from 11am-1pm at the Mueller market. Might we suggest pre-ordering a VRDNT CSA share for market pickup so you have plenty of fodder for your new fermentation skills. The deadline for a CSA share this Sunday is Wednesday night. (Just go ahead and place your order now!)

Also, quick aside: Texas Farmers Market recently visited VRDNT and made this awesome video of the tour! Check it out… like… comment… do all the Instagram things!!!

Back to fermentation. If you’re like me, you’re still a little timid around the idea of fermenting in your home kitchen. I love fermented foods. Their tang, crunch, and health benefits are a welcome component to any meal. In the last recipe roundup, I talked about my acorn squash, kimchi, and tahini bowl obsession. But I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve fermented stuff at home. Here are the fermented projects I’ve made: ginger and green onion carrot sticks (thanks Kate Payne for the recipe + encouragement), as well as traditional kimchi (I’ve got Maggie Perkins to thank for that guidance.) But alone in my kitchen, I often chicken out and just make plain ‘ole pickles. And so, here’s a roundup of some basic fermentation recipes, well suited for the seasonal produce coming out of the VRDNT fields. (Carrots are coming SOON!) Order your jar weights now so you’re ready to ferment when the season strikes!

9 Easy Fermentation Recipes for your VRDNT Veggies

  1. Homemade Cabbage Sauerkraut I like that this recipe walks you through the whole process, and gives you loads of useful tips, directions on storage, and options for flavor modifications. VRDNT cabbage season is right around the corner!

  2. Lacto Fermented Dill Zucchini Relish Zucchini will only be around for a few more weeks. The time to make this relish is now! The perfect (gut-healthy) condiment for any winter plate.

  3. Pogi Kimchi There is so many types of kimchi. “This recipe is made with baechu (배추), known as napa cabbage, hence the name baechu kimchi. Because the cabbage is kept intact at its head, it’s also known as pogi kimchi (포기김치). Pogi means “head” of a vegetable.” When the VRDNT napa starts rolling in, remember this recipe!

  4. Banchu Kimchi (Garlic Chives Kimchi) We know garlic chives can sometimes stump people. Why not make a versatile condiment with your next bunch of garlic chives? “Buchu kimchi is typically seasoned with myulchiaekjeot (fish sauce made with anchovies). I like to add a little bit of saewoojeot (salted shrimp), but it can be omitted, if unavailable. Simply use a little more fish sauce.”

  5. Yangbaechu Kimchi (Green Cabbage Kimchi) This traditional recipe is perfect for your fresh, dense heads of green cabbage. Making kimchi with very fresh produce (like that you get from our CSA!) is ideal. These vegetables still contain a lot of water which is perfect for making your kimchi brine.