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Reader's Poll... Shoot us Straight

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Shiny and slender Japanese eggplant hanging in the fields of a hot Texas farm.
Shiny purple eggplant, what do you think? Photo by Liz Moskowitz


I'll cut to the chase: There are two (very short, I promise!) survey links below and we'd like you to fill them both out. If you'd like to be entered into a raffle for a CSA bag giveaway, make sure to enter your email address at the end of each survey.

SURVEY 1: VRDNT Newsletter

September will mark 1 year since we started the VRDNT newsletter. Our goal with the newsletter is simple: We want to connect with you and provide you with interesting and helpful nuggets of veggie-related information. Whether this is your first time reading the newsletter or whether you're a weekly subscriber (HELLO FRIENDS, WE SEE YOU!), we'd like to know: what types of information do you most like to receive in your inbox?

Please let us know your opinion by taking this quick poll. As an incentive to share your thoughts, we'll be giving away a CSA share to a lucky respondent!

SURVEY 2: CSA Veggie Habits

We're also curious about your VRDNT veggie buying habits. Please help us out and take this quick 4-question quiz.

Thank you!



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