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Sweet Updates from Farmer Becky

Well, the #1 conversation at farm the right now is surviving the heat. Every single one of us is struggling to keep up in the extreme temperatures. Reminding each other to take water breaks has become a mantra. We keep telling each other it won't last forever... There is hope on the horizon! Next week the forecast is dropping on the balmy mid-90s and we couldn't be more thrilled! Both the farmers and the baby plants on the farm need a moment of respite.

Right now is an important time on the farm. We are full-steam ahead prepping for fall. In the fields, we're turning over all of our late spring and summer crops and making fresh beds for fall planting. In the next 3 to 4 weeks we will be planting all the broccoli, cauliflower and cooler-weather veggies we all love and crave... (No offense to okra.)

We have so many exciting developments. First is that we have finally finished building our new 30 by 92 ft. greenhouse. (Check out the beginning of that process here.) Complete with roll-up sides and doors, this is a major infrastructure investment that will allow us to have more variety later in the season. We are already prepping the beds inside the greenhouse to be planting fall tomatoes. I know everyone wanted to see photos of the process, but to be honest it was so hot that most of the time my phone would just immediately shut off. And even if it were to capture images, it would mostly just be very sweaty bedraggled farmers in no state to be on Instagram. :-)

Production greenhouse with rollup doors on Texas Farm
Checkout those roll-up doors! These help us control the inside temp.

The second exciting development is that we are now attending the TFM Lakeline market on Saturdays. Come say hi to Lily at the booth every Saturday 9-1. This is now our newest CSA pickup location! Tell your friends in North Austin! (You'll be able to signup for a Lakeline CSA here.)

Also, we have added several new products to our market lineup. We just harvested our first honey this summer and have now cleared all necessary regulations to sell it at the market. I've always been a plant nerd, and over the past year of keeping bees... I'm becoming a bee nerd, as well. Our hives produced so much honey. Plenty for us, plenty for the bees. We also just got our floral license and will start planting flowers for bouquets this fall. Veggies, honey, and flowers... my farm dreams are coming true.

Our fourth exciting development is that we are hiring another farmer! With our added market, greenhouse, bees, microgreens, flowers, and (shhh..mushrooms!), there is a lot to do over here! :-) This position will work with both the harvest and growing team full-time Tuesday-Saturday. Check out our link and please share with folks who may be a good fit!

Thanks for reading! Farmer Becky P.S. Our long beans and melons were on CBS Austin! 😍 Check it out.



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