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A Crop Update from Farmer Becky, Post-Freeze

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Just wanted to send a little update and let y’all know how we’re faring through winter and what all this cold weather means for your CSA shares.

Generally, temperatures below 28 degrees are very damaging to even the most cold-hardy vegetables. We farmers have little ways we cheat, by covering vegetables with row cover or strategically irrigating, we can keep things a few degrees warmer for a night or two. But when a cold front like the one we just experienced blows through with extended temps below 20, there is nothing we can do but accept that we will lose everything except the hardiest veggies. It is looking like lettuce, scallions, fennel, and kale survived in the field and we have plenty of radishes, rutabagas, and sweet potatoes in storage. We will be adding in more pea shoots and microgreens which we can produce quickly to help fill out the share until we can grow out new baby greens in 5-6weeks.

What that means for your shares:

Given the harsh temperatures reducing the diversity of veggies we have, the boxes will be more similar week to week for the next 6 weeks. Expect to see lots of lettuce, scallions, fennel, kale, spinach, daikon and watermelon radish, rutabaga and sweet potatoes, pea shoots, and microgreens. We have plenty of each of these veggies, but we are just limited in our selection until we have new crops in 5-6 weeks. We will be doing our best to send you relevant recipes and keep you inspired on a fresh way to cook these veggies, If at any point you get tired of similar shares don't hesitate to pause your subscription. Reach out to Erin with any requests.

You're not going to want to miss our Spring veggies!!

The good news is: We have a greenhouse FULL of transplants ready to get in the ground. This season we are planning better than ever for the CSA and expect the bounty to start hitting Mid March and lasting all the way through June!! Stay tuned for more crop forecasts and variety spotlights :-) This spring I am so grateful to have an AMAZING Staff. We are now a team of five (!) capable women and are really coming into our stride together. We are working hard to make this our most productive (and delicious) Spring yet... We are continuing to grow our CSA membership. A huge thanks to each one of you who are supporting us through your CSA membership. Thanks also for telling your community about us. This word of mouth is extremely important to our growth. Thank you!

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