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A Catch-All CSA Pasta, Speedy Soups, Long Beans Hot and Cold

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our surveys from last week. If you didn’t yet share your thoughts, find the links to our two quizzes here. We appreciate your feedback!

Like anything you do repeatedly, I was beginning to tire of writing these bi-weekly recipe roundups, mostly wondering if 1) Anyone was even reading them, and 2) If the content was at all a useful tool to help you eat your way through a CSA share. Well, turns out both are true. Again, thanks for your responses and also for the little ego boost they provided :). Sometimes a bit of external validation is all you need to feel freshly motivated, and so here we are! Another bi-weekly installment of Recipe Roundups!

Aside from warm fuzzies, a few more things I’ve gleaned from your feedback:

There were so many good ideas about the types of recipes you want to see. More specifically, I realized that it might be nice to sometimes structure these roundups based on recipe categories. Some of the categories you mentioned: recipes that work well for 1 person, recipes that make great leftovers, cheap recipes, recipes good for kids, vegetarian recipes, and recipes that lend themselves to batch cooking… the latter is a category particularly near and dear to my heart, which you might know if you’ve been following along since the Club Home Made days. Future Roundups will definitely be structured with these buckets in mind.

On a personal level, knowing that you guys are actually using these recipes has inspired me to keep looking for unique recipes, and new-to-me (free) recipe sources. The internet is large, and I usually stick to my tried and true sources for well-tested and quality recipes. But! Why stop there? A quick google for “best recipe blogs” led me to this list of “17 Best Food Blogs to Sate your Hunger in 2022.” It seems like an okay start as it includes some of my favorites like Love and Lemons and 101 Cookbooks.

Last, many of you mentioned creating a way for VRDNT customers to submit their own recipes/share links to recipes they’ve cooked with success. I created a new email address setup to collect these very recipes. Can I get a whoop whoop?

If you’ve cooked something awesome recently or discovered a new way to fry eggplant, we want to know! Email us a link to the recipe at our new Recipe Roundup address:

Did you take a picture or a quick video of the recipe? Send that, too. We’ll share a