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Tomato Soda + Other Ideas on What to Cook this July

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hello Friends. Not many frills this week, just some ideas on what to cook with your very summery VRDNT CSA shares. Aren't they wonderful?

While searching for eggplant recipes, I came across this grilled eggplant that used doenjang, an ingredient I had to look up. Bon Appetit describes doenjang as miso's more assertive (Korean) cousin made from fermented soybeans and salt. I often use miso to flavor everything from stews to spaghetti to salad dressings, and the next time I'm at an Asian grocery, I plan to pickup some doenjang, too. Anyway, just thought you should know.

Wishing you all a week nourished by good food.


*Tomato soda, photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley. Recipe below.

The Tomato

A Tomato Pie recipe by Ada Limon.

The Cucumber

The Eggplant

The Sweet (& Bell) Pepper

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