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The Latest Dirt at Vrdnt Farm

Updated: Jun 30


Things are buzzing along at Vrdnt, and this fall is proving to be one of the busiest seasons yet. If you’re a CSA Member, perhaps you’re picked up on the shift that is happening. Slowly but surely, we’re harvesting more and more cool-season crops and less and less warm-season ones. Soon, crops like peppers and long beans will be a distant memory, replaced by bushy bunches of kale and crowns of broccoli. Despite the relative heat this past week, us farmers are already thinking of impending frosts. Perhaps it’s a bit of PTSD from last February. Curious what this shift actually looks like on the farm? Scroll below to see some shots of Vrdnt - our little slice of ag, nestled in the Lost Pines of Bastrop.

But first, some quick farm updates:

  1. Our November 6th farm tour/volunteer day is quickly approaching. Becky will be giving two tours: one at 10am, and another at 1pm. Bring a picnic and hang out! At some point, we’ll do a bit of weeding for those who feel like getting their hands dirty. No volunteering required to visit the farm and enjoy the space! To RSVP, email us:

  2. We’re hiring!

  3. Our Secret Garden campsite is open! (Dog friendly!)

  4. Did you see that we posted a Definitive Guide to Storing Your Vegetables?

Farm dog Blue enjoying the sunset. Bright arugula, bok choy, and spicy purple daikon. A handful of flower seeds sprinkled at the end of every row, there for the enjoyment of pollinators and farm crew, alike. The Hidden Garden Hipcamp site, and Vrdnt fire pit. Farmer Becky.

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