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Recipe Roundup: Vrdnt Vegetable Ideas & Mardi Gras Lagniappe

Hey y'all. What's cookin'? No really, what are you cooking? If you're anything like me, you cook a lot of food. Some of it is simply that - food, fuel, simple fare that warms the belly and satiates hunger. I'm looking at you, toast and eggs. Other times, I make something that is memorable and that gets talked about later. This week when trying to decide what to cook, my partner Regan remembered some spinach flautas I made a long time ago. Those were memorable. What's been a memorable meal of yours as of late? Submit your answers to this question here. I'll share the results later this spring!

And now, your recipe roundup:


Still unsure what to do with fennel? Did you see our whole blog post on the topic? Give it a read if you're looking to understand and befriend fennel a bit more. The fennel use-cases are many!

Cheesy Garlicky Roasted Fennel Pasta

Roasted Fennel Pasta with Ricotta

Caramelized Fennel on Herbed Polenta

Olive Oil Braised Spring Vegetables

Shaved Fennel Salad

Apple-Fennel Remoulade

Perfect Roasted Fennel


Spinach and Mushroom Flautas

I met Robin Beltran from the Black Vegan Company years ago through the farmers' market world. I've referred back time and time again to Robin's flauta recipe and often use it as a base. The flautas I make tonight are going to have spinach + chicken, because I've got leftover shredded chicken in the fridge that needs using.

Spinach Saag Paneer "is the luscious Indian comfort food you need," says this Saveur recipe. I couldn't agree more. Like creamed spinach, saag paneer hits all the comfort notes.

Pea Shoots

Pea Shoot Salad

Snag a cucumber the next time you're at the store, and make a riff on this salad with your Vrdnt pea shoots, scallions, and daikon radishes. I can't think of a more springy dish to welcome the warm weather. On day 2 of this salad, add some crumbled cheese and serve it over lettuce.

Chinese Soul Food: Pea Shoots with Garlic

Pea shoots quickly sauteed with garlic is a very common side dish on a Chinese table. I still remember the first time I had a big plate of garlicky pea shoots. While visiting my friend Haley in San Francisco, we made sure to have several meals in Chinatown. I ordered bok choy, but the waiter retired moments later to say they were out. She suggested pea shoots instead, and I happily obliged. There is no better way to eat pea shoots than this, in my opinion. Spring on a plate.


Garbanzo, Chorizo, and Red Pepper S