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Pickup Spotlight + 5 Easy Recipes

Have you ever met a grocery store that you loved at first sight? One that you could instantly tell had isles of goods that were delightful and delicious? Carefully procured and displayed with care? That’s kinda how we feel about Wheatsville. It’s been in our lives for many years now, but upon that first visit, it was love at first sight.

Wheatsville South Lamar is one of our Monday pickup locations, and it feels like such a natural partnership… local farm, and local food coop. You can pick up your share anytime between 9am and 10:30 pm, giving you a lot of flexibility to fit a CSA pickup (and grocery shop!) into a busy day. Plus: Mondays are a good day to meal prep for the week. If you've never picked up at Wheatsville before, it couldn't be easier. The CSA shares are stored at the front info desk, and you just need to write down your name before grabbing your bag.

Brand new CSA members can get $5 off your first share when buy a bag for Wheatsville South Lamar pickup. Use code WELOVEWHEATSVILLE at checkout. (Book now. We'll stop giving you a free $5 on 1/31.)

While we love our vegetables, we know that eating only raw vegetables is a rather limiting diet. Here are a few quick dinner ideas to complement a CSA share that we brainstormed while perusing the Wheatsville isles.


Recipe Inspo Here

We love the variety of bulk products at Wheatsville, and especially appreciate the fine aesthetics of perfectly portioned legumes and nuts, ready to cook. Wheatsville has tons of bulk grains to choose from, but we’ve been on a big farro kick lately. We love dense, chewy farro for deep winter dishes as it feels a bit heartier than other grains… but cous cous, rice, fonio, or even polenta would be a perfect base for a warm bowl of perfectly roasted VRDNT vegetables. Plus, grain bowls like this make THE BEST leftovers. Add cheese, or don’t. Add nuts, or don’t. Add fresh herbs, or don’t.


Recipe Inspo Here

You can expect to see carrots in your CSA shares for the next few weeks. At this moment in the season when we’re waiting for some of our tender crops to size up, bulk root crops like carrots really shine. If you’re not roasting your carrots and serving them with an herby yogurt situation at least some of the time, you’re missing out. We adore the whole White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt Wheatsville carries which is chock-full of good-for-the-gut live cultures. Bonus points because it’s made in Austin :).