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It's Our 50th Roundup! Here are 50 Recipes Worth Knowing

Today is our 50th Recipe Roundup. Whohoo!

When we first decided to start a weekly VRDNT newsletter in October of 2021, we knew that we wanted our every-other-week Recipe Roundups to be a mainstay. The main goal of our newsletter is to ease your CSA-woes and help you become a better, more confident seasonal cook. We've compiled hundreds and hundreds of recipes (see all the roundups here), and this week we're highlighting our 50 top picks - a standout recipe from each one of our 50 Roundups. With each Recipe Roundup we compile, there are always 1 or 2 favorite recipes in the bunch that we REALLY think you should try. These are some of those recipes. Still not seeing what you're looking for? We'd love to know what types of recipes you need, or what vegetables you're struggling to use. Have a favorite recipe that you think we should include in the next roundup? We'd love to know that, too. As always - email us with questions or suggestions: .

Without any more delay, 50 awesome recipes:

Salad Friends

No Frills Miso Dressing
No Frills Miso Dressing

Fail-Safe Salads

Bok Choy Solutions

Sweet Potato Season

Carrots, Bunched or Bagged


Fennel Appreciation

Worth Knowing

For the Deluge of Greens

Greens and Rice: One Pot Meal

Turnips and Radishes... You Can Do It

Make Soup

Golden Kale and Collard Stew. Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley.
Golden Kale and Collard Stew. Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley.

To Sip


Zucchini Dessert Squares (for next year!)

Pickled Watermelon Rind (for next year!)

Worth Saving for Later

Pan Con Tomate (for next year!)


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