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Introducing: Recipe Roundup


Ada here. Some of you might know me from Club Home Made. If we don't know each other, hello! Nice to meet you!

When Becky asked me if I wanted to help supply her CSA Members with recipe ideas, it was a no brainer. I’ve been a CSA Member of various farms on and off for over 10 years. I know that the constant deluge of vegetables can *sometimes* feel like a chore rather than the vegetal blessing that it actually is. Today, I live very rurally, with no access to a local CSA. I limp my way through the season growing what I can (I am no production farmer), and let me tell you: I miss having easy access to the awesome food Becky grows. Some of the recipes I suggest will be based on what I’m actually cooking, and some of it will be based on what I wish I was cooking should I be in your position - *the lucky recipient of a VRDNT CSA share*.

Either way, the recipes will be seasonally relevant, gathered from my favorite corners of the internet and bookshelf.

My hope is that I suggest a way to use turnips, for example, that you may have not thought of (keep reading). Or maybe I’ll turn you onto a new favorite food blog, or share a video with a recommendation that revolutionizes the way you think about tupperware. You get the idea.

Without further adieu, welcome to the first ever Vrdnt Farm Recipe Roundup!


Vrdnt Farm’s LONG BEANS are a special crop because it was the first vegetable Becky ever sold when she founded the farm a few summers ago. Don’t let their length trip you up. These beans behave just like the green beans you’re likely used to.

BEAN season is usually short, and I almost always make the classic French Nicoise salad which is "traditionally" more of a spring plate, but we get fall green beans in Texas, too. Here is a great Bon Appetit version. I've only ever made this salad with canned fish, so don't let recipes featuring fresh-caught ahi steaks deter you.

Or, make a Chinese pork and BEAN stir fry. Garlic chives would also be great in here. I love this recipe for its ease and simplicity.

While we’re on the Chinese thread, checkout this recipe for EGGPLANT with garlic sauce which is sweet, sour, and spicy. I usually stir fry my eggplant when I make this dish, but I love the idea to steam the eggplant, instead. Less mess. Also, this recipe features a great Yuxiang sauce which, honestly, would be delicious on almost any VRDNT veggie.

My favorite thing about ARUGULA is that it makes an incredible salad simply dressed on its own. Here is the perfect lemon vinaigrette to go with your arugula. With or without the fennel and pecorino, this salad is a keeper.

OKRA will be gone before you know it. Love it while you can! There are so many okra recipes from around the world including:

  • Bamya - an Egyptian okra and tomato stew (bamya is also the word for okra in Arabic).

  • Maafe - a West African peanut (or groundnut) stew. There are many variations of this stew. Here is a great starting point.