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A Pickup Location Shoutout + How to Give Our Veggies

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hello All! The holidays are suddenly here, Ben Crosby blaring in the coffee shop where I currently sit, and we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy. Three holiday-ish things this Wednesday.


Please join us in expressing some sincere gratitude to all of our wonderful CSA pickup locations. Just tell them thanks the next time you’re there! These businesses certainly don’t have to devote precious floorspace to storing big bags of vegetables, but they do. Their partnership with the farm is what makes this entire model of food distribution possible. Having these centralized pickup locations helps us keep our costs lower, making sure you get the most veggies for your buck. We are very appreciative of their partnership in this localized food system - the only brief blurp in our veggies’ journey from Vrdnt Farm to your kitchen table.


It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the consumerist machine that can sometimes monopolize the months of November and December. If you’re like me, fatigued at all the STUFF, why not simplify your shopping list and give the gift of good food? We just set up a very easy way for you to give a Vrdnt CSA share to a friend or loved one. It’s got the sentiment of a homemade gift, with the added bonus of supporting your Vrdnt farmers and our precious local food system. Win, win.

And last:

If you’re scratching your head, thinking - “Hey, I should get my farmer a gift!”, we’ve got one free-to-you suggestion: A Google or Facebook review. We won’t ask very often, but we are asking now- please consider leaving Vrdnt Farm a review on one of these platforms. You have no idea how much reviews help small businesses! Not only do reviews like this help direct web traffic our way, but sharing your honest experience with our veggies acts as social proof for someone who is on the fence and perhaps never tried a CSA program. It’s pretty simple to leave a review on The Goog. Simply google “Vrdnt Farm”, and then find the reviews area - next to the star rating in your search results, on or under our name in the sidebar. Click on “Write a Review.” Facebook: Go to our page and then click on “reviews”.

As always, thanks for reading and for considering gifting Vrdnt veg or writing us a review. Your engagement helps support the Vrdnt Team, strengthen the local food system, and allows us to champion sustainable growing practices on our sweet little patch of Bastrop, Texas land.



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