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Meet the Team!

Our Vrdnt team is small but mighty. We thought we should do some quick introductions so you can better know the farm, and better understand who is responsible for what.

Farmer Becky! You know her. Becky is the owner/operator of Vrdnt Farm as well as the head grower. She's the farmer - our resident agronomist and overall boss lady. Becky is responsible for steering the ship from crop planning to marketing strategy, and everything in between. Also pictured is Blue, Chief Security Officer.

This is Erin! If you're a CSA Member, you should get to know Erin, our Wash and Pack Shed Manager. Erin is responsible for making sure all CSA veggies gets planned, picked, and packed. She manages most of the CSA logistics including onboarding new signups and routing delivery schedules. Those CSA pickup reminder emails? Erin sends those. Need assistance redeeming a flexible share? Erin can help. Question about your CSA account, in general? Email Erin!

Say hello to Cali. Like all Vrdnt team members, Cali wears several hats at the farm. On Mondays, Cali is delivering CSA shares, on Tuesday, bed and field prep, and Wednesday through Friday, she's harvesting your veggies. Oh, and she's also about to start managing the Vrdnt Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow along, why don't ya?

Meet Ada. Ada writes and publishes most of our blog content including posts like Your Definitive Guide to Storing Vegetables and our biweekly Recipe Roundup - a collection of recipes there to help inspire your CSA cooking. Need a clue on how to cook something? Email the farm and let Ada know; chances are others are struggling too, and we can blog it out together.