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Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to buy VRDNT Veggies

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

If you're already an active CSA Member, let us go ahead and take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. I still pinch myself that VRDNT Farm exists... but of course, we couldn't do what we do without YOU: the folks actually buying and eating our veggies. I have so much gratitude for our amazing CSA Members. Not yet a member? Do you read our emails, follow us on social, but not yet eat our vegetables? There is no better time to try our produce than RIGHT NOW. We're running a Peak Season Sale, and if you buy a 4-week Flexible Share plan, you'll get a 5th week FREE. (That's a $25 value!)

Still need some convincing? Here are 5 reasons why our veggies rock.

1. Fall Season

Central Texas has two main growing seasons: spring and FALL. During these mild months, we’re able to grow an incredible variety of vegetables at Vrdnt. If you buy one of our veggie boxes right now, you’ll form a relationship with the farm at the sweetest spot of the whole season. There are carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce. Herbs, green onions, and spicy radishes. In the dead of winter or heat of summer, eating seasonally can mean a more narrow crop availability. But now? Right this very instant? The bounty and variety are unparalleled. If you’ve been wanting to cook more, a fall CSA share is a wonderful conduit to get inspired in the kitchen. 2. Transparency

In the industrialized food system, there are lots of question marks, and lots of opportunities for abuse - both of the land as well as of farmworkers - to occur.

There are no secrets here. We grow our vegetables using only organic inputs and are conservative in what we spray. Your Vrdnt produce isn’t coated with chemical residue, and can literally be eaten straight out of the fields… though we usually do rinse off the dirt for you :) To boot, we’re transparent about our small (and mighty!) farm team… which is currently made up of all women. (Women-owned, woman-run!). Becky is the farm owner and head grower. If you’d like to see the farm, we even allow camping, and as our schedule permits, we have occasional farm tours and on-farm cooking workshops. Got a question? We’re an open book. Know your farmer, know your food, as they say. 3. Value & Convenience Our CSA shares are kinda a steal: $25 for a big bag of veggies, that will last you the week, if not longer. For the cost of one average restaurant meal, you can get vegetables that will allow you to cook many restaurant-quality meals, right at home. Because CSA veggie boxes are a direct-consumer model, there is no middle person tacking on extra costs to the vegetables. You’re getting the highest quality vegetables for the lowest possible price. And did we mention our CSA is pretty convenient? Unlike most programs, we don’t operate on subscriptions (though you can get weekly boxes if you’d like). Instead, you can use our Flexible Pick Up option to get vegetables, when you need them. 4. Taste If you’re not accustomed to eating local or homegrown veggies… be prepared for a gustatory epiphany. At the risk of sounding too braggadocious, we’re just going to say it: our veggies taste better than those you would buy at a grocery store. The main reason? Freshness. Whereas grocery store veg is often picked weeks (or months) before they get to your kitchen, and often are shipped from thousands of miles away, our veggies are picked just a couple of days, sometimes only one, before they end up in your salad bowl. Your CSA vegetables are closer to their harvest date, closer to being truly alive, and this freshness really does result in better taste. This, my friends, is why eating seasonally is so delicious, why our carrots are so “carroty”. When you’re cooking with such high-quality produce, it simplifies things in the kitchen, too. Often just olive oil, salt and pepper will do the trick. 5. Good for the environment. When you purchase your vegetables directly from our farm, you’re supporting mindful growing practices that seek to regenerate and preserve soil health, versus deplete it. At our tiny parcel of land near Bastrop, we maintain a small wooded area where pileated woodpeckers nest and songbirds sing. At the end of every farm row, we seed a diverse mix of flowers for the pollinators (as well as our farm team) to enjoy. We lean heavily on farming techniques like cover cropping, which helps build up our soil, prevent erosion, and suppress weeds, and use tools like flame weeding to reduce the amount of tillage (and back-breaking labor) needed to grow healthy crops. For us, farming is a form of land and community stewardship. We care for the land, cultivate an environment where vegetables will happily grow, and in turn, we hope these vegetables will help nourish you, our precious community. Not to mention, when you buy our vegetables, you’re shortening the supply chain. Food miles and transport emissions, begone.

4 Young Female Farmers in jeans and t-shirts in front of squash fields
The small but MIGHTY VRDNT Farm Team


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