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Recipe Roundup: 11/1/2021

Updated: Nov 8, 2021


Ada here with your bi-weekly roundup - the spot where I share some recipe inspiration from across the internet to help you make the most of your CSA share.

While other bunched greens are taking their time to arrive, BOK CHOY is here, and looking lovely. Why not make this quick fried bee hoon, or this SINGAPORE NOODLE recipe which features shrimp and BOK CHOY.

OR, for another noodle + bok choy combo, how about this Rooster’s MAC AND CHEESE w/ BOK CHOY?

Or skip the noodles and make this HANGOVER HELPER SPICY POTATO BOK CHOY HASH, actual hangover optional.

I love the idea of really leaning into this transition in the season - the weather is finally cold enough to warrant soup, and yet, ZUCCHINI (at least for another couple of weeks) are still coming in. Why not celebrate this short zucchini-soup weather with a ZUCCHINI AND CORN CHOWDER, like this, or make a CREAMY ZUCCHINI SOUP like this one that uses coconut milk & BASIL.

MORE SOUP:I love the ethos behind this MINESTRONE - ditch the recipe, and cook minestrone (w/ noodles) or RIBOLLITA (with stale bread) with whatever vegetables you have. Both of these are incredible additions to add to your CSA recipe oeuvre. TURNIPS, CARROTS, RADISHES, KALE, COLLARDS, HERBS - aside from tender lettuces, there isn’t really a vegetable that wouldn’t fit here.

The SMALL WHITE TURNIPS that fill your CSA share as of late go by several names - White Japanese turnips, Hakurei turnips, or Salad turnips. They’re sweet, crunchy, and honestly very good raw, but PICKLED, they’re delicious too.

Or, try this recipe for MISO ROASTED TURNIPS, conveniently served together with their greens.

I recently saw this Food 52 Instagram Recipe for a “LAST MINUTE YOGURT DIP”. With the holidays and gatherings of friends upon us and CSA vegetables a plenty, this seems like a great trick to keep up your sleeve. Don’t feel like cooking veggies? Just dip ‘em!

I recently saw this picture of a Neapolitan dish called SCAROLA ‘MBUTTUNATA - escarole stuffed with anchovies, capers, and raisins. I can’t WAIT to use this technique on some Vrdnt ROMAINE, ESCAROLE, NAPA CABBAGE or even BOK CHOY. Here is a basic recipe to get us all started.

At around this moment in the season, I’m usually sick of fresh BELL PEPPERS and all their cheery crunch, but I know their utility in Cajun and Creole dishes like GUMBO and JAMBALAYA. For that reason, I like to finely dice and freeze red, green, and even yellow peppers- a ready-to-go third of a Trinity mix for a future pot.

Bon Appetit posted this photo of DAL PALAK on their Instagram and I, along with 17,200 other people, immediately liked it. What a better way to use ANY of your forthcoming Vrdnt greens like MUSTARD, KALE, COLLARDS, CHARD, or SPINACH? This recipe was also a wonderful reminder for myself about dal - an inexpensive and satisfying bowl, perfect for weeknight nourishment. Stock your pantry with the ingredients now, so you're rea