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New Pickup Site & Bulk Tomatoes

We are thrilled to announce that we have just added a new weekly CSA pickup location at Casa de Luz on Mondays.

We are sooooo excited to be able to offer fresh, bio-intensive, nutrient-dense vegetable shares for pickup at Casa de Luz alongside their delicious, life-giving prepared meals 💚

If you haven't eaten Casa de Luz yet-- I highly recommend it!! It has long been one of my favorite Austin gems , and I'm truly honored to be partnering with them to provide fresh produce to our community.

For current weekly CSA members who would like to switch to this location, please cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to the Casa de Luz weekly pickup. For those of you with Flexible pickup plans, book your share there before Friday at 5 p.m. to pick it up this Monday (27th).

Tomato Harvests are rolling in!

Bulk Tomato Sales are now available to order on our website for pickup at the Mueller Farmers Market starting this week through the end of tomato season. (likely the next 3-4 weeks). We will be posting fresh inventory every Monday. We currently have A and B grade red slicers available, but we will add more tomato varieties as the season picks up. This is a great opportunity to get the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes for all your cooking/preserving projects.



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