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Wildflowers on the Farm

One of my favorite parts of living in Central Texas is our spectacular wildflowers. From late-February to mid-July, the farm is a constantly changing canvas of bright blooms, all creating habitat for wildlife. I revel in the changing landscape and endeavor to learn more about how to support healthy (and beautiful) plant stewardship on the farm. Here are some of the species blooming right now on the farm!

  1. Prickly Pear Cactus (next to it is Littleleaf Sensitive Briar)

  2. Horsemint / Spotted bee balm

  3. Blanket flower

  4. Mexican Sunflower

  5. Butterfly Milkweed

  6. Wild Onion

  7. Brown-Eyed Susan with two beautiful bordered patch butterflies

  8. Brown-Eyed Susan with Ceraunus Blue butterfly

  9. Texas Thistle (it is the prickliest!)

  10. Whitemouth Dayflower

  11. Common Sunflower with another bordered patch visitor

If y’all are fellow plant nerds and enjoy IDing wildflowers, I’d highly suggest picking up a copy of ‘Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country.’ It is the definitive guide to wildflowers in this beautiful part of TX we call home. For a handy app on the go, I highly recommend Seek by INaturalist.

It's hard to talk about flowers without mentioning some of the other critters I've encountered lately. Here are three of my most memorable WILDlife sightings lately.

It is truly my Joy to live on and steward this land. Eating local is more than just the vegetables; you are supporting the entire supply chain. I am so grateful that you chose us to be your farmers and that I have the opportunity to nurture our wild Texas ecosystem alongside your vegetables. I hope you learned just a little bit about the place you live and where your food comes from. Please reach out in the comments with any questions!

All the best,

Becky & the VRDNT Farm team


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