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Recipe Roundup: The Spring Ingredient Trifecta - Potatoes, Alliums, & Herbs

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

green goddess dressing over a bowl of mixed greens and chickpeas.
Beautiful VRDNT Farm salad. Photo by Margarita Garcia.

New potatoes, all the alliums, and herbs. If there was ever a spring-crop trifecta, that would be it. Recipes like this smoked garlic and arugula soup or these roasted potatoes with onions and herbs make use of all three ingredients, and because they're all available at the same moment in the season, it's no surprise that they play well together. This week's recipe roundup focuses on these three hallmark spring crops.

Other points of inspiration? The beautiful photography of one of our CSA Members, Margarita Garica. A quick look at her recent reels, and you'll see she's been making some delicious food with her VRDNT haul: creamy and herby green dressing, swiss chard saag panner, and nutritious stir fry. Scroll to the end of the post for a creamy green dressing recipe.

Recipe Roundup:

(New) Potatoes:


Herbs (and greens):


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